Minggu, 05 April 2009

How does manner make effective mikroorganisme

i shall try to explain it, read well ok.


· 1 btl em4 contents yellow bottle 1 litre

· 1 kg sand sugar

· 3 kg bran

· 4.10 lt clean water yg doesn't contain chlorine

· pail former wall paint that clear of chemicals, can also used other place of a kind

Manner Makes

· dissolve sugar in clean water stirs merata, then solution input em4 and stir again direct mixing is done at pail former paint

· bran input in solution gula+em4 and stir flat

· enclosing pail with plastic and tie tight the plastic

· until here maker process finished leav at the post fermentation process by bacteria.

On to 2 to 4 try opened the plastic kisses what the smell appear smell has liked tape if appear to mean fermentation process walk enclosing return the plastic and let until 14 days. Afterwards result em can be harvested, until here a part solution there that separating on but a part another mixes dg bran as bran porridge by therefore must be filtered to separate solution from the bran.

bran former it still can be used for process on again or to make bokashi to make again there is no need to buy em4 original but enough use em we have made self.

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